First Team

"It doesn't just happen overnight"

Following the 3-0 defeat at Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Hannover 96 goalkeeper Ron-Robert Zieler spoke about the good approach in the first half and the development process of the team. More opinions can be found here!

96-keeper Ron-Robert Zieler: “First of all it is very annoying. I believe that the team tried to shape the game well in the first half. We had some good forays forward and put up some good resistance. In the second half we were hardly the same team – just like last week. The timing of Leverkusen’s goal was extremely inconvenient. We are not happy with ourselves. We are not bristling with self-confidence. We have already tried to implement certain things from the coach. It hasn’t worked 100 percent, but it doesn’t just happen overnight. But one thing is clear: we will not give up and we will keep trying to implement things right and to improve. In the first half we tried to solve things by playing football. We also had one or two chances, but ultimately nothing came of it. It does not get easier, but we will try to keep playing our way. And that involves setbacks, so against Mainz we have to try and win some points. They are the sort of games where we need to pick up points and where we should be doing so.”

Bayer 04 defender Christoph Kramer: “I think that we did better than last week. We are not good enough to sit deep and play pretty football to get past the opposition. That is what we saw last week, and that is why we reverted back to long balls and winning the second balls this week. It is not obvious that you can simply walk past Hannover.”

Leverkusen forward Stefan Kießling: “I am happy that I was able to play and put in such a good performance. It definitely makes me feel good. We were generally good at set pieces. I had a feeling today that we could score from one, and then it was my header that went in so it’s nice. For me the penalty was clear – Hiroki Sakai left his leg out, what am I supposed to do? Jump over it? I am not running the hurdles here.”