First Team

"Hannover is a mini-Copenhagen for me"

“18 out of 96” is our newest way of interviewing players. We have thought of 96 questions – some personal, some more direct, but not always serious. Every player chooses 18 questions he would like to answer. This is the second edition in our series and it is the turn of Uffe Bech.

Question 2: What is your favourite city?

Bech: “In Germany it is Hannover – I was really taken aback. But in the entire world, it is Copenhagen. Hannover reminds me a lot of Copenhagen, with its stadium out in the countryside and its big shopping streets. Hannover is like a mini Copenhagen for me.”

Question 15: Do you remember the first ever football match that you went to?

Bech: “I went to England as a young boy with my dad and Arsenal were playing – that was great experience for me. I think they beat Portsmouth, but it was so long ago.”

Question 31: Apart from sport, what was your favourite subject at school?

Bech: “I really enjoyed German classes. I got the top mark possible in the Danish education system.”

Photo: Frederic Henze

Question 43: Do you have any quirks or rituals?

Bech: “I injured my fingers before the first game of last season in Denmark and I got given a bandage for my wrist and finger. We won the game 3-2 after going 2-0 down – I scored two and we got one in injury time. I scored a brace again in the next game with the bandage still on, so since then I have always worn some tape on my right hand.”

Question 84: What sports can you not play?

Bech: “Basketball – I am simply too small.”

Question 95: What is your best experience so far at H96?

Bech: “The game against Ingolstadt when we won 4-0. It was a great feeling for the team and for myself because I scored one and provided an assist.”