Hannover 96 were proud to announce that they have struck a cooperative agreement with RCD Mallorca to initiate a working relationship between the two clubs. Both sides will be working together closely in the future in order to learn from each others experiences in various elements of their respective footballing businesses.


European football with a difference

It’s not quite the Champions League berth that Hannover 96 were hoping for, but the Reds have definitely plugged themselves into European football by creating ties with RCD Mallorca. It is certainly a unique arrangement, in that no other two clubs in the world have an agreement like the contract that was signed in Palma last week and it should see the two sides work in close cooperation in the future. Their will be intense discussions regarding several aspects of the clubs and whether it be the social, sporting or business aspects, the aim is to improve. Lorenzo Serra Ferrer, vice-president, sporting director and shareholder of RCD Mallorca and Martin Kind, president and CEO of Hannover 96, announced the deal after lengthy, but productive discussions. The innovative collaboration was originally inspired by Prof. Dr. Utz Claasen, once CEO of the Reds, who is now a shareholder and director with the Spanish outfit.  

A collectively bright future

The agreement focuses on the sharing of club facilities, experience relating to all aspects of a football club and the overall working relationship and cooperation between the two sides. The aim is to develop and exchange ideas in areas such as reaching the fans, VIP service and loyalty, season ticket sales and merchandising.

The two teams will also be involved in friendlies on a regular basis as well as becoming an affiliate in their respective youth programs, meaning that players could spend time abroad to collect vital experience. It’s also hoped that the agreement can lead to fans taking alternate trips to attend the other teams matches.

Commercially both clubs are hoping to learn from one another when it comes to marketing and business hospitality with the aim of creating long-term income by identifying and developing the similarities.

One change that has taken immediate affect following the agreement is that both clubs now have links to each other’s websites on their individual home pages. This has been put into place to allow the fans from each club to learn more about their new partners and following the progress towards the end of this hectic season.


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